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Lions Forge the Silver Rail

September 6, 2015|Comments Off on Lions Forge the Silver Rail

When the Avon Eagles took the football field against the Avon Lake Shoremen on Sept. 4 at Joe Firment Chevrolet Stadium in Avon, it was the first match up for the two schools as members of the Southwestern Conference. It was also the first time it was called the Battle for the Silver Rail Trophy. ...Read More >

Young Anglers get Hooked at 23rd Derby

June 6, 2015|Comments Off on Young Anglers get Hooked at 23rd Derby

On June 6 at precisely 8:00 a.m., the 23rd annual Lions Fishing Derby began at Northgate Park in Avon. The contest was to see who could catch the largest fish of each species. ...Read More >

Lion’s Pride on Display

May 28, 2015|Comments Off on Lion’s Pride on Display

During the Month of May, Avon Lions demonstrated their civic pride by participating in two remarkable events. One was Avon Pride Day, and the other was the annual Memorial Day Parade. ...Read More >

Public Reaction

I wanted to touch base with you to thank you for your generosity and to tell you a little bit about how my first year went at College!  Throughout this year, I have been able to become the Chair/President of the Board of Elections, become a 2014/2015 Resident Assistant (RA), and a 2014/2015 executive board member of the Campus Activities Board.  I have been able to accomplish all that I have because of your support.  Thank You!
L.P., Recipient, Avon Lions 2013 Scholarship
Avon Lions, thank you so much for your donation to the Lion’s Campership Fund.  This fund is such an instrumental aspect of our camping ministry.  There are many children and teens with special needs that would most likely not have the opportunity to attend this life-changing week of camp without you.
B.B., President/CEO, Echoing Hills Village
Your generous financial support for our annual Christmas dinner is appreciated more than words can say… We were able to serve 108 meals at the church and delivered 442 meals to homes.
D. M., St. Vincent De Paul
Thank you Lions for participating in the “Santa Comes to Avon” event.  We appreciated the donation of the oranges and the workers that were there to help with Santa and the many kids that attended.
F. B., President, French Creek Dev. Assoc.
Lions, thank you so much for all your help with the Christmas Baskets and buying the chickens.  We could not do this without your help.
M. S., Avon Womens Club
Thank you Lions so much for your generous donation to our Low Vision Fair of 2013. We had a very large crowd this year and were able to provide help and information to many.  Your continued support of our Fair is greatly appreciated!
K.C. , Vision Concerns Support Group